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Superpremium balanced nutrition for all cat sizes.

The line Monge Natural Superpremium  meets the nutritional requirements of your cats based on age, lifestyle and other specific needs. Therefore your pet will recive from their special pet food what they need to guarante their daily wellness.

Formulations are highly tasty, with fresh meat or fish, selected by our experts. The digestion is aided by high quality ingredients, enriched with vitamins and mineral salts, which are essential for the correct growth and for the maintenance of normal physiological functions.

Your cat will be in safe with your care and well-nourished with our special and made-to-measure products.

Tasty recipes: all formulations contain ingredients selected to respect the nature of your cats.

With Omega-3: poly-unsatured fatty acids to support the physiological integrity of skin and shiny coat.

No artificial colourings or preservatives

High quality ingredients: fresh meat and fish accurately selected by our experts.

Monge Natural Superpremium products are available in the best pet shops.

The new line of functional snacks with superfood.

Monge Gift is the new line of complementary food for dogs and cats.
This complete range of superfood-enriched functional snacks is the result of a passion for research and innovation, and the awareness of the importance of good nutrition: a real treat for our four-legged friends and a gift for their health.

The specially-selected ingredients play a key role and provide our pet’s organism with a high concentration of functional nutrients.
All recipes have been created as exclusive grain-free or gluten-free diets, without any use of cereals, limited calorie intake, and no added sugars or artificial colourings.

This wide range includes snacks formulated with a single animal protein source, which makes them a perfect companion for Monge Natural Superpremium dry and wet foods formulated with the same single protein source. Each protein has a specific function.

Trout > Growth
Rabbit > Dental care
Pork > Lack of appetite
Salmon > Hairball
Cod > Skin
Duck > Sterilized

BWild: Feed the instinct.

Cats have an innate desire to run, wander and be outdoors. Monge BWILD is a pet food line that provides the energy and essential nutrients to allow our animals to live according to their natural instinct. The innovative Monge BWild line “Feed the Instinct” promotes your cat’s natural well-being:

  • More than 65% of ingredients of animal origin to promote vitality and palatability
  • High fresh meat content for an optimal digestibility
  • Different mixes of fruits and vegetables selected for their nutritional properties
  • With X.O.S. prebiotics for intestinal wellness
  • With Spirulina to neutralize free radicals
  • With Yucca Schidigera to limit unpleasant odors
  • With alternative carbohydrate sources
  • Formulated with superfood: nutrient-rich food able to support the animal’s physiological well-being such as: – Linseeds for a soft and shiny coat – Oats which are rich in insoluble fibers for regular intestinal absorption

Monge BWild is divided into Low Grain and Grain Free:

The Monge BWild Low Grain line is formulated without potatoes and with a reduced cereal content* and with alternative animal protein sources such as rabbit, anchovies and goose.

Monge BWild Grain Free are recipes formulated with alternative carbohydrate sources such as potatoes, peas and lentils. The Monge BWild Grain Free line includes pâté terrine and irregular cut chunks in gravy for cats of different ages and lifestyles (kitten, adult, sterilized, large breeds) with alternative non-cereal derivative carbohydrate sources such as green beans and carrots.

Monge BWild is Made in Italy and cruelty-free. Only available in the best pet shops.

*compared to standard maintenance product (Le Chat Excellence Adult Chicken)

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